• PROFACTOR® — means professional
    plumbing equipment
  • Modern engineering solutions
    for facilities of any level
    of complexity
  • The latest technologies and solutions
    for a comfortable life
  • From convenient usage
    to reliable operation
  • A wide range in every
    product category
  • Reliability and durability are
    German manufacturing traditions
  • Consistent high quality
    is guarantee of reliability for your
About the company

Professional PROFACTOR plumbing fixtures are manufactured on advanced, high-tech equipment in line with European standards.

The well thought-out design of the products has become a hallmark of the brand, and high quality standards are its main asset.

By improving our products and implementing new production technologies, we are able to consistently expand our product range.

Product quality standards

The DIN German quality standard was developed 100 years ago in Germany.

The establishment that adopted this standard in 1917 was called the Normenausschuss der deutschen Industrie (NADI) – the Standardization Committee of German Industry. In 1975, it was renamed to the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) – the German Institute for Standardization. The DIN has become a national standardization organization representing German interests on the international stage.

New products

The product range of the PROFACTOR® brand is continuously expanded, the products are updated, and new products are released. By studying the professional plumbing equipment market, the engineers from PROFACTOR Armaturen GmbH identify the needs and demands, including determining a category where there is need to improve a product, modernize it, or develop and implement a new idea.

Every component of a PROFACTOR® product is a guarantee of German quality and reliability!