The catalog of professional engineering sanitaryware of the PROFACTOR trademark begins with an introductory part from Profactor Armaturen GmbH. Then it comes "International Certification" section and “Contents”. It contains 13 sections (including subsections) with page numbering: «Valves», «Control valves for radiators», «Strainers», «Check valves, mixing valves, reducing valves», «Equipment for boiler rooms», «Manifolds, manifold groups and Underfloor heating systems», «CMT tools», «Thread fittings», «Axial fittings and PEX-A EVOH pipes», «Composite pipes and brass compression fittings», «Flexible hose», «Sealing», «WC connectors».

The catalog presents the entire range of PROFACTOR TM products with illustrations and photographs of each product, including new items. They are highlighted with a red "NEW" icon. All items are accompanied by a detailed technical description, tables with basic characteristics and recommendations for use.