• Metal-polymer piping systems rapidly swept the market for water supplies and heating systems installation, and are presently the system of choice in the construction of civil and industrial sites.

    The most popular are metal plastic pipes, which combine the positive attributes and strength of metal pipes with the flexibility and resistance to different kinds of impacts afforded by polymers. Such pipes are excellent at retaining their shape, are impermeable to gases, and undergo low thermal expansion. To their advantages can also be added their relatively light weight, their not needing to be painted for the duration of their service life, which is up to 50 years, as well their being easy to install and transport.

    The cross-linked polyethylene pipes are also widely used, which, like metal plastic pipes, are corrosion resistant, highly flexible, and have an increased resistance to high temperatures.
Push-fit süsteemi reoveetoru, armeeritud nailonist spiraaliga
Article Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF WCC 582S 25 240 – 360 mm 110mm 450
PF WCC 582L 20 310 – 570 mm 110mm 650

Diameter (B): 110mm

Lükandtoru reoveele, armeeritud terasspiraaliga
Article Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF WCC 583 25 300 – 650 mm 110mm 640

Diameter (B): 110mm

Tualetipoti liidesmansett
Article Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF WCC 584 30 95mm 110mm 175 1,68

Diameter (B): 110mm

Tualetipoti ektsentrikliidesmansett
Article Packing A B Shift Weight,g Price*
PF WCC 585 30 95mm 110mm 15mm 180 1,71

Diameter (B): 110mm
Displacement: 15mm

Tualeti veepaagi ujuk
Article Size Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF WCV 590 ½" 40/10 260mm 275mm 212 6,31

It consists of the set: Floating valve + PF WCV 590P floating bulb (supplied in a separate box)
Overall dimensions: А – 260mm; В – 275mm
Float diameter: 90 mm
Working pressure: up to 10 bar
Body and lever material: nickel-plated brass CW614N

* Price in EUR include VAT