• Water pressure reducing valves and check valves are part of the group of safety and protection valves used in making water supply and heating systems. Water pressure reducing valves are designed to reduce the pressure in domestic and industrial water supply systems. The reducing valve maintains a constant set outlet pressure (controllable) in dynamic and static modes irrespective of changes in the inlet pressure. Installing this product helps to avoid damage caused by excess pressure and hydraulic impacts, as well as to reduce water consumption.

    PROFACTOR® offers two types of pressure reducing valves which are different in design: the diaphragm and the valve-piston type. The valve-piston reducing valves have the outlet pressure factory setting of 2.5 bar, the diaphragm reducing valves - of 3 bar. The setting may be changed without the need to dismantle the device by setting the necessary outlet pressure in the range of 1-4 bar for valve-piston reducing valves and 1-6 for diaphragm reducing valves.
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PF RVM 396 1" 10/1 84 106 710 34,4

They are intended in self-contained circulation systems of heating floors and radiator heating. It is installed on the bypass and allows omitting the bypass valve, since it prevents from full bypass closing.
Connection thread for drives and thermostatic heads: M30x1.5
Rated pressure: PN 16 bar
Operating medium temperature: -10°С +150°С
Connecting thread: pipe cylindrical thread DIN ISO 228-1
Body material: brass CW617N DIN EN 12165

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