• The use of safety valves means that the heating system can be used in a safe mode at business premises or a private residence. Products in the Profactor’s range are amongst the most in-demand products used for installing heating systems. All products are certified and comply with equipment safety requirements, European Standards, and EAC technical regulations.

    Boiler safety groups are designed to protect heating systems from exceeding the maximum allowable working pressure and to outlet the air from them. A standard safety group is used in closed type systems; it comprises the main brass manifold equipped with a threaded socket with a 1" connection and three functional components: a safety valve, an automatic air vent valve, and a pressure gauge for visual monitoring of operating medium pressure.
Группа безопасности для водонагревателя
Article Size Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF BS 605 ½"; ¾" 24/1 100 121 430 13,47
Ohutusklapp veekuumutile
Article Size Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF BS 578 ½" 180/15 43,5 41,5 105 3,41

Intended for protection of water heaters from drainage in the absence of the cold water pressure and from overpressure.
Relief pressure adjustment range: 6–18 bar (factory adjustment 7 bar)
The maximum working temperature: +120°С
Connecting thread: pipe cylindrical thread DIN ISO 228-1

Ohutusklapp veekuumutile lähtestuspidemega
Article Size Packing A B Weight,g Price*
PF BS 579 ½" 160/16 41 45 90 3,05

Acts both as a safety and a check valve.
Safety valve relief pressure: 7 bar
The maximum working temperature: +110°С
Body material: nickel-plated brass CW617N DIN EN 12165

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